Three jars of bath salts; from left to right: Mint, Citrus, Lavender
Citrus bath salts depicted in a jar with dried calendula petals.
Lavender bath salts in a jar with jasmine and lavender botanicals.
Mint bath salts depicted in a jar.
Mint bath salts in a jar surrounded by transparent streamers and a pink foil background.
Three jars of bath salts open with botanicals and salt visible.

Bath Salts

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Enjoy a divine experience soaking in a tub filled with botanicals and fragrance

  • 100% essential oil fragranced
  • Natural flowers
  • Helps sooth sore muscles
  • Help draw out toxins and restore your skin’s natural PH 


  • Epsom salt
  • Dead Sea salt
  • Essential oil
  • Natural botanicals

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