Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by conscious?

At Othos we believe that consumers deserve to have transparency when it comes to bodycare products. We strive to offer products that do not include additives, dyes or parabens. We try to keep our ingredients clean and simple to offer the best body care products available. Othos is all natural, and Element contains extremely pure synthetic fragrances that are phthalate-free.

Do you have an in-person storefront?
You can visit us in the Charleston City Market in downtown Charleston, SC! While our spot is not guaranteed, we try our very best to be there every day from 10am-5pm. You can also find us there for Nite Markets, 6pm-1030pm on weekend nights. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on our upcoming online specials and events near you!

What are your products made with?
Othos products contain natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and beeswax. Element candles are made of 100% organic soy wax and cherry wood wicks that crackle softly like a fireplace. For a more detailed description of our ingredients per product visit our product pages. All ingredients are listed in the product descriptions.

What are your scents made from?
Othos products are fragranced with 100% natural essential oils. Element products contain fragrance oils that are completely phthalate-free.

Do you offer wholesale/white-labeling?
Yes! For more information please contact sales@elementcandles.com

Element Candles

Where is the wick for my candle?
The wick is the wooden line in the middle of the candle. We use wood wicks for a more even and longer lasting burn. Light the wooden wick on both ends to allow the flame to meet in the middle.

Why is my candle not staying lit?
If your candle is new: light the candle wick on both ends for your first burn. Sometimes it wont
meet in the middle automatically. We suggest lighting your candle this way each time you go to burn it.
*Give it a second to catch completely.
*Allow the wax to melt completely to the edge before blowing out. This will ensure you do not have any tunneling which will cause the wick to be defective.
**After every burn, make sure to knock off the charred piece of the woodwick before relighting. When new wood is exposed, the flame will catch the oil saturated part of the wick.

Why do you use soy wax?
Our soy wax is 100% organic and grown in the US. Using soy wax allows a cleaner burn so our candles are actually smokeless! Most candles are paraffin based, which contains petroleum- which is what produces black soot and is actually toxic to breathe in.

Why are the Element Candles numbered?
We started with a number of fragrances and over the years we have dialed the candles back to a select few of our bestsellers, and we kept the numbers of the fragrances so we remember which ones are the best! (Think “Chanel #5”)

What is the burn time for Element Candles?
Our wood wick candles last from 60 to 80 hours.
60 if you burn non stop, and 80 hours if you only burn for 4 hours each time.

Why can't I smell my candle?
Sometimes the size of the room can play into why you can not smell your candle. Heat rises and so will the scent, so if you have high ceilings or a really large open space, it may be harder to smell the fragrance. A single Element Candle will roughly fill a small apartment or a 500 square foot room. Another reason may be that some fragrances smell stronger than others. Our Clean scents are lighter, so better for smaller areas like a bathroom or bedroom, so you can smell them better.

What do I do with my container when I'm done?
Reuse it! We encourage you to reuse your vessel when possible. You can use it as a planter, pencil holder, or a cup for your makeup brushes. Use your imagination, but please do not drink out of them.