Three body oils: from left to right, mint, citrus, and lavender. Bottles have an eyedropper and are made of clear glass.
Mint body oil bottle single.
Single lavender body oil bottle.
Single citrus body oil bottle.
A person with long blonde hair is holding a mint body oil bottle and taking out the eyedropper.
Body Oil

Body Oil

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Moisturize and nourish your skin with our Body Oil, designed to help retain moisture and fight dryness. Perfect for use all over or on target areas like knees, elbows, and scars, this all-natural blend of coconut and jojoba oils is enriched with vitamin E to protect and nourish your skin. Scented with 100% essential oils and infused with botanicals, our Body Oil provides a luxurious and aromatic experience. Moisturizing AND healing, this oil can be used on scars, cuts and scrapes, burns, cuticles, as a part of your skin care routine, or in the bath/shower! Give your skin the hydration it deserves with our Body Oil.
Ingredients: Coconut oil, 100% essential oil, Vitamin E, Botanicals.

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