Wood 3
The top view of the soy candle (wax white), with a view of the wood wick.
Two different sized candles on a patio table next to a chair. The setting is an outdoor patio/deck area facing a scenic view of trees.
Box that the candle comes in, black matte box with the Element logo.
Wood 3 candle laying across two oak logs.

Wood 3

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Hand-crafted in Charleston, South Carolina by professional chandlers.  These natural scented soy candles will fill your room with warmth, fragrance, and ambiance.  

Burn time: 60-70 hours, 9oz

Burn time: 90-100 hours, 18oz

phthalate free
100% US grown soy wax

top note: orange
middle notes: rose, moss, citrus
base notes: sandalwood, amber, tonka


*18oz candles are not packaged in cartons

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